Boar- D’oh!

I should get out more.

Talking of which, I’ve just got back in from being out more, and it wasn’t entirely successful. The first restaurant I tried didn’t open ’til 8 (which is mad for a start (hoho that works on so many levels)) and then I got scared that I’d lose the car so headed back to the multi-storey where I’d parked it (no Jean Pierres offering city maps here), which when you add in to the mix the fact that it took probably almost an hour to get there (Protip: don’t try to drive places in large cities at rush hour on a Friday – especially in France) comes to a less than awesome result.

Ah well.

There were some impressive ass-buildings too, that I didn’t get chance to get photos of, stupid Bordeaux.

To go off on a tangent, most of France compares more closely with America than England, I think. Lots of open space and big places, for the most part, and then some more tightly enclosed city areas.

And why are they all in such a rush? For a nation with shops that routinely close for lunch (and a heck of a lot of run down looking areas) and restaurants that don’t open til 8, their hurried driving is at odds with everything else.