Spot the reference, win 10p. Names and addresses (and dates and durations of holidays and locations of spare keys) on a postcard (or blog comment, for simplicity) si’l vous plait.

Allow me to introduce to you the reason for this update, the €6 can of coke, seen here removed from the minibar in a state of partial undress and half empty:

What’s a normal one of these go for these days? 60p or something? This translates to £4.74 at the current rate, and yet somehow this doesn’t taste 8 times better than any other coke i’ve ever had. The hotel’s a bit fancy but come on, £4+ for a fucking can of coke!?!? Zut alors!

The €5 orange juice I had from the minibar just now also did not taste several times better than any orange juice I’ve had before. I’m going to complain to Jacques Chirac first thing in the morning. Or Gerard Depardeu, I can’t remember who’s in power these days (or how to spell their names, most likely).