So, some dumb schmuck on rapebook (or facebook, as it’s less commonly known) got wind, via some incorrect write up, of a story about an ‘artist’ named Guillermo Vargas in Costa Rica, who according to their version of the story, used some kids to capture a dog off the streets, strung it up in his exhibition, and waited for it to die.

This, as even the most cursory of cursory research will inform, is not how it went down. Sure, he tied a dog up, but it was not left to die, and did not die. Is it art? I don’t give a fuck. The issue I’m highlighting in all this is the rabid bandwagon-jumping of the imbecilic ‘normal people’ who inhabit rapebook. Who ever thought it’d be a good idea to get everyday idiots onto the internets? Really, come along now. They don’t know what the fuck, and now they can infect everyone else with their un-knowledge in the blink of an eye. Gnnhh.

Anyway, yes. There’s a group on facebook opposing this, because as we all know, if there’s a facebook group setup to support a cause, that cause instantly wins and ceases to be an issue.  Idiots. It’s worth joining the group just to post something antagonising to the wall.

Also Jerky why did your comments about my joining vanish, eh?