I’m mosying back from lunch and a thing gets noticed by my eyes:

I call this: A ResultSo I’m thinking, hey, cool, we’re the most sane city in the country. That’s a pretty good achievement, yo! I also figure it’s some Church Guy decreeing the place to be godless due to its rep as a bit of a party town, oh, and that ‘gay capital of the UK’ thing, too. I don’t think religious types are too keen on those sort of activities, in general.

I risk a visit to The Argus’ website to check the story out (‘risk’ as I’m sure it’s as full of educated open-minded writing as the Daily Mail is; that is to say, entirely bereft thereof) and it seems some new Church Guy has turned up in town, crucifixes blazing, setting out to “right” all the city’s “wrongs” on some form of unstoppable hedonistic righteousness mission.

You can picture him as a sort of less sweary, whiter version of Blade, I guess, only the people/activities he’s trying to stop aren’t doing anything wrong.

He’s stated:

Our vision is not just to fill the church but it’s to build in the heart of this city a community and do whatever we can to sow our best years into playing our part in the re-evangelisation of Brighton and transformation of this society.

Yes, let’s evangelise the local society and herald a return to the Dark Ages. Why not? I can’t think of a single flaw in this plan to stifle critical thinking and keep everyone being nice little sheep.

I think most people espousing the benefits of [insert name of religion here] need to learn that all those same benefits can be arrived at just as easily without the need for worshipping some megalomaniac and viewing your one and only life as just a rehearsal.

Anyway. Here’s to being godless. Well done, Brighton, I’m proud of you.