Got to reading a tutorial on how to build a light tent, and decided to give it a go. Locating a box was easy, as was hunting down some ‘bristol board’ to make the inside all white, as was cutting it all together. Sourcing lights was harder, as no readily available desk-sized lamp would take bright enough bulbs, as far as I could find. So it was DIY time.

Somehow not electrocuting myself, and making some awesome shades for them, we get this:

Turning on the lights we then get:

It’s pretty fucking bright, not to mention, well hot in there. Can’t leave the (non-amber) lamps on for long for fear of setting fire to the fabric. Still, with this much light, you can snap stuff at f32 (for largest depth of field) in 1/8 of a second!

Sadly I’m lacking inspiration so only have this to show for it, so far:

Which I’ll freely admit is wholly uninspiring, but hey ho, got to start somewhere.