This time to photograph a splash formed from a water droplet dropping into a thing with water in it. Has some complications…

  • Shutter speed fast enough to catch the water in motion and not leave a blur
  • Aperture f-num high enough to get the whole depth of the splash in focus

To satisfy these you need a lot of light and/or a high ISO rating, and I ended up using both, alongside some more white card to reflect a bit more light about.

Lack of secondary tripods meaning use of a PC case box to support the crazy lights from the light tent rig.

Using the chopstick to drip drops into the glass, hastily retract it and press the remote shutter release… about a hundred times, and we get this, which is almost mildly worth the effort.

Couldn’t really get enough of it in focus, and no more light sources to help boost it, and had other things to do, so that was that.