Every couple of years, spookily coinciding with the World Cup and/or European Championships, me old mucker Mikey W likes to hold a little football-based sweepstake, of a sort.

Anyone that wanted to take part would pay a small fee, predict what they thought the outcomes of all the matches in the particular tournament would be, and whoever had the most accurate predictions at the end would win the cashizzle.


This time around, Mikey W approached yours truly and asked him how hard it’d be to code an online version, to save emailing people back and forth all day long.

Yours truly, after advising him how to do it, decided to secretly code the site himself from scratch, cleverly avoiding telling Mikey W of his horrendous hourly rates. How he thinks he can get away with charging someone for something they didn’t ask for he’s not sure, but he’s letting the lawyers worry about that.

Anyway; the site is live and if you want to read more and/or take part and know either me or Mike personally (if you know me on internets that almost certainly counts too), head over there! Quick!