Quite some time ago this simple tune making app appeared on the iPhone. I had a play with it, and it was pretty rad.

Just now I found a browser version, done in Flash, and it too: pretty rad.

Andre Michelle’s Tone Matrix

The sweet thing with this one is you can copy and paste your created tunes around by right clicking the grid itself and clicking Copy/Paste.

For example, select this whole list of numbers and Copy them:

65800,65536,65536,256,66564,65536,66112,0, 65540,66560,66560,0,65666,65536,32800,0

Visit the link above, right click the grid, and hit Paste. Et voila, my amazing tune.

So if you make any nice melodies, right cick the grid, click Copy, and Paste the results in a comment or something.

Or don’t bother.

It’s up to you!