I’ve just been awoken, for the third time in recent memory, in the early hours of the morning, by my computer deciding to play the YouTube-based music video I’d left open in a browser tab, all by itself, for no reason.

Well, I say “for no reason”, but that reason can only possibly be “because the blasted thing is haunted”, I’ve come to realise.

Just to get specific here:

  1. Open a web browser tab to YouTube, find a track, listen to it
  2. Mmm, sounds nice. Think I’ll leave that tab open for repeated listening
  3. Haven’t touched it since it stopped playing. Timer bar thing is played out
  4. Some time passes…
  5. Go to bed!
  6. I’m asleep now. Wow it’s all nice and fluffy in here (apart from nightmares like the other night where I was in a house made of glass being bombarded with bricks hurled by local toughs who the police refused to deal with because “you’re not ethnic”)
  7. Oh no, hold the phone; I’m actually awake. Hrm. What the fuck’s that noise?
  8. Oh it’s that track I left open in JewTube… WTF how can it be playing?!
  9. I’m standing at the PC now. The timer bar in JewJewbe is still played out, the “play” icon also is indicating that… nothing should be playing
  10. and yet... it… plays…

Only Viable Conclusion: PC Is Haunted

It plays by itself, and doesn’t indicate that it’s playing.

It’s clear enough to me.

My PC is haunted.

By a ghost.

I don’t know who it’s the ghost of, but it seems to be someone who wants to kill me via destroying my sleep cycle… and who is only able to achieve this in one very specific way.

It’s probably Patrick Swayze, “star” of “Ghost”. In fact yes I’m 100% certain it’s him.

Fuck You, Patrick Swayze (‘s Ghost)

I’d really like to be asleep right now, and not sat here writing this stupid thing.