When you desaturate it a little bit in Lightroom. What? This:

Amy Hughes from 365project posted up a new challenge earlier today, for a bunch of us to take a shot of a common object, and see how varied the results would be. I had a bit of a crazy idea and ended up with this:

The smoke looking like condensation as if it’d been in the freezer or something. Well, I’ve tried sticking stuff in the freezer to get nice billowy condensation shots before, and it didn’t work at all, so I got a bit creative this time…

  1. Boiling water into steamer, light hob under steamer; generate smoke steam.
  2. Place can above vented steamer pan; smoke steam eventually wafts around can.
  3. Panic! Wall tiles too light, camera can’t see smoke steam!
  4. Get chopping board, balance precariously on steamer handle; steam visible to camera.
  5. Panic! Can looks dim and indistinct!
  6. Grab conically-surrounded light bulb from light tent setup, angle upwards to illuminate can + smoke steam; can looks rad.
  7. Et voila.

To finish, some desaturation in Lightroom to enhance the frosty look of the can, and lots of luminance noise reduction to combat the ISO1600 necessary to get the shutter quick enough to capture the smoke steam. Ended up using 1/400, as anything lower than this the fast moving smoke steam was just an invisible blur.