Yesterday, several zombies arose in Brighton and done a walk all the way from somewhere to somewhere else. According to an official count from the main organiser there were around 4,000 of the blighters! 3,500 started out, with around another 500 latecomers (well, they are zombies after all) joining in as they went, and I done a photo of quite a few of them.

Most Of Them Had Red On Them

Click any one of the 15 photos below to go to the full version on Flickr. There’s 178 photos in total in my Flickr gallery. Sounds like a lot, but most of them aren’t rubbish, so it’s worth a look. You can click this to start at the first one, and just keep clicking “next” at the top, or you could click this for a thumbnail view of the lot. Aren’t I good to you, eh?