Seems Facebook have removed (or, given the distributed nature of their codebase, are in the process of removing) the “sk=top” kludge that powered my old script.

So, if that’s stopped working for you, here’s the replacement method.

It’s been replaced with a new command, so here’s a new script to default the logo and home icon to use this, so you don’t have to click the “sort by” thing and change it each time you visit. “Top Stories” (now termed “highlighted stories it seems) aren’t removed any more, but they’re at least placed chronologically by using this, which is good enough.

Using It’s Pretty Simple, Still

  1. Install the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox by clicking that link, if you haven’t already got it
  2. Restart Firefox
  3. Or, remove the old script from Greasemonkey (from Firefox’s “Add-ons” management area there’s a thing called “Userscripts” where you can do this)
  4. Click this link to load my new script into Greasemonkey
  5. Go and load Facebook, note annoying “highlighted stories” at the top
  6. Click the Facebook logo at the top left and note how the stupid “highlighted stories” might still be there, but at least they’re sorted properly now, by post time
  7. Add this to your bookmarks, now it’s sorted properly, which’ll help smooth things out too, and save some extra clicks (assuming you launch sites from your bookmarks, herp derp)

And That’s That

Should work this way for quite some time, I’d expect.