Turns out it’s not so hard! Follow these simple steps and before long you’ll be watching masses of crap US TV instead of masses of crap UK TV! Wahay!

  1. Have Netflix installed on your Xbox 360 as usual, fire up the 360 but don’t launch Netflix
  2. From the 360 dashboard, go:
    1. Settings
    2. System Settings
    3. Network Settings
  3. Now just select whichever out of Wired or Wireless you’re currently using (it’ll have a tick on it)
  4. Hit Configure Network
  5. Stay in the Basic Settings tab, and move down to the “DNS Settings” bit, and select to edit it
  6. Hit Manual*
    1. Hit Primary DNS Server and enter in
    1. Hit Secondary DNS Server and enter in
    2. Move down and hit Done at the bottom
  7. Then just go Back Back Back Back Back all the way to the dashboard
  8. Turn the 360 off, leave it a minute, turn it back on
  9. Launch Netflix and marvel at the US content
    • Seems icons for some of the US shows are missing, which I’m not sure how to fix. I’m just using the search function to locate specific things at the moment, so it’s not an issue here yet.

Rad, But Now I’ve Realised I Hate US TV. What Now Mr Smarty Pants?

To switch back to UK content, simply follow up to step 6 but hit Automatic* instead, resume from step 7 and you’ll be back to normal.

Oh, Cool

*If you’re already using Manual DNS settings then make a note of them because you’ll need them again if you want to switch back to UK content.