Running* a blog about Danbo, you don’t see much of interest – mostly weeaboos cooing over how cute they think Danbo is.

But the other day, I received this via the contact form:

Subject: Danbo the shineing star among this world

My two son’s every night night they will make a wish for Danbo and they will save their four other wishesh for Danbo and as well as his family.

The other night I heard my son say “I wish to help save Danbo and to keep him and his family save we love Danbo  and we wish him and his family well and most of all the luck in the  world save him . If I could I will give him all of my wishing stars just to save Him and his little brother as well as I will do the same for my family.

If I could only have one wish it would be  to help save danbo.

There was no link with it. It’s not link spam. It’s… it’s someone’s genuine words. Someone wrote this. About their actual kids. Someone’s kids are wishing to “save” Danbo. I’m literally flustered. I’m wat-ing my head off. Wat.

Who The Fuck Is Danbo?

Oh, right. It’s this guy, who is a cardboard robot from a manga called Yotsuba&!, seen here locked down for attempted murder:

*As long as “never actually updating it beyond the initial template you set up two years ago” counts as running.