So the latest faux-controversial “wokenomics” film has arrived! What’s it all about? Is it really pushing a far-left toxic feminist agenda, making some form of political statement about all white men being inept and evil?!?

Despite what the small-but-rather-loud bubble of Shouty Angry People, mostly on YouTube, (each of whom hadn’t even seen the movie before they began spewing their vitriol) are all saying: no, it isn’t, not even remotely. Not, even, *remotely*.

Both the good and bad guys come in all shapes, sizes, colours and, presumably, genders. There’s no hidden undercurrent of man-hating or anything of the sort. It’s just a film, in which there are characters, and things happen, and you get a bit upset at Stan’s cameo this time, and apparently there’s a Kevin Smith reference but I must’ve missed it.

All the brigading and review-bombing the Shouty Angry Types have been doing over on Rotten Tomatoes has been entirely for nothing, because the movie isn’t even an example of what they’re claiming to be angry about. Surprise!

Anyway it’s a solid entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and holy hell the de-aging effects on Samuel L Jackson are quite something. You literally can’t even tell. There’s lots to like in the film. Plenty of folk have said Brie herself is wooden, but she’s pretty far removed from an early Keanu performance and I really don’t get the issue.

It’s also miles better than Alita if only because it doesn’t feature a love story, one it entirely fails to sell, as its central plot driver.