Hey guy! You there: hello! Hi? So guess what? Yes, that’s right! There’s a new moviefilm showing in the cinemas and it is something of a spookyboi… but not just any old spookyboi – it is THE spookyboi because its name is Us and it’s literally about *us*! Me and you! Yes you! And: me!

It’s so spoopy to watch a film that’s literally based on mine and your escapades, such as that time we stole that reindeer, that I seem to remember we swore we’d never tell anyone about so I guess one of us is a big fat smelly liar and I’m pretty sure it’s not me, but don’t worry I’ll forgive you.


Of course, as we both know because it’s literally about Us, the film descends in to what can only be described as an homage to Dumb And Dumber where it’s really hard to tell which one’s Dumber. Spoiler alert: it’s both of us! Ah, such japes.

Anyway I’m struggling to take this dumb gag any further, so. “Us” is a good film and worth seeing but holy moly do I ever want to actually talk about it, but I can’t because it’s only been out a few weeks and I don’t want to spoil anything.

I can say this: I had no idea an orchestral version of “I Got 5 on It” was something I needed in my life, but it turns out it is, and I do. And so can you: do a click on me (give it a few seconds)