A film is called a film because it’s recorded on photographic film and a film is called a picture because it’s composed of individual pictures and a picture is called a flick because each picture flicks by the projector lens one by one and a flick is called a movie because it creates the illusion of moving images but sometimes a movie is called a movie because it moves you.

Pretentious intro warning!

A movie that moved the shit out of me (not literally) today is Official Secrets, with Keira Knightley as a British spy analyst who turns whistle-blower over the USA-orchestrated UK-approved scheming to try and create false support for the invasion of Iraq back in 2003. I was unfamiliar with the details of the story, only knowing the broad strokes of the lies being pushed as justification for the invasion, and as such it was a flippin’ ride and a half. Keira Knightley is entirely believable and everyone else is fantastic too.

I also saw Zombieland 2 and Gemini Man today and if you put a gun to my head and said

This gun has magic bullets in it that will erase all memory of two of these three films

I’d say

OK mateyboi go ahead and erase Zombieland 2 and Gemini Man with your stupid bullets you idiot thanks

because Gemini has its moments and Zombieguys 2 is great but this was altogether more substantial a thing.

I haven’t had my emotions pulled about this much since Cap’ wielded Mjolnir. I rate it “a war criminal” out of Tony Blair.