Usher Raymond - As Himself

When this line appears in the credits of a brand new film in the space year 2019 and isn’t the highlight of the entire thing, you’d be forgiven for thinking a bunch of strippers had drugged you to steal all your money and you were having some form of financially consequential fever dream – alas no!

  • Usher briefly popping up in Hustlers isn’t the highlight because everything in the film is the highlight
  • Cardi B just being… Cardi B (which in my book is always very okrrrrrrr) isn’t the highlight, because everything is the highlight
  • Lili Reinhart’s apparently-extensive time spent studying at The School Of Looking Quite Like Brittany Murphy isn’t even the highlight, because [etc]

[+++pretentious mode engaged+++] The creativity with the narrative and the storytelling and the editing kept me enthralled not just as someone who likes movies, but someone who likes the language of movies. It plays around with cool editing and sound techniques in a somewhat The Big Short kinda way, and possibly-not-coincidentally Adam McKay appears with a producing credit.

It is pitch perfect from start to finish. And there’s boobs in it!!!!!1

I rate it two silicone implants out of two and/or 6 inches out of a 6 inch stripper heel and/or 1 Usher Raymond cameo out of 1 Usher Raymond cameo.