Hey, guy! Maybe if going to the cinema to watch a spooky clown eat a child isn’t your bag, but you still have a need for some clown action in your tragic and clown-less life, you could give a mentally ill psychopathic clown a chance? He’s only slightly really very psychopathic. Give him the benefit of the doubt you mean bugger!

Joker is a rallying cry to incel loner wannabe-domestic terrorists everywhere, goading them on to go out there and do some violence. Hoorah! Or, it is if you’re a moron reactionary who doesn’t know what such words as “maybe watch a thing before critiquing it” mean, or if you’re a lazy journalist looking to generate some fauxtrage and collect a few more juicy clickbois.

I just made fauxtrage up can I get a gold star?

Meanwhile back in the real world, Joker is a flippin’ complex thing. It is very, very far from making a hero out of a villain, or glamourising wanton murder and sociopathy. Todd Phillips caught some static over his stupid “you can’t make jokes any more because of SJWs” comment and I worried the film would just be some shallow embodiment of anger at “political correctness”, but it’s definitely not that either.

If anything, it’s on the side of the people who worried so publicly that the film would inspire the bad dudes to do the bad stuff. I can taste the irony from here. It tastes like poo. Please take it away. I don’t want to taste the irony.

Did Joker create the chaos in his society? Did his chaotic and profit-obsessed society create him? The film asks these questions, but it’s for you to decide if it answers them. Haha! Wait that wasn’t funny why am I laughing? Oh, I get it! Haha!

Joker is p r e t t y d a m n g o o d m y g u y and you should at least see it for Waheen Feenicks and his amazing bit of doing some acting. It’s really, really special.

I rate it Joaquin Phoenix out of Heath Ledger.