Meticulously Obscure

For The Record, I Did Not Force You To Look At This :)

But y’know, a couple cats requested it, so… And just for Cathy: progress pic!

cast wide

The Unexpected Virtue Of Iñárritu

Or: A Post About Birdman With A Rather Pretentious Title Birdman, though not a film about a man who becomes an actual real half-man-half-budgie as I was hoping it would be, is nonetheless pretty magnificent, and as Edwyn Collins once sang, I’ve never known (seen) a girl (film) like you (this: Birdman) before. First pretty…

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Slug Trevor Griffiths

How To Tell If You Work In A Really Cool Place With Really Cool People

Take our quick and fun quiz to find out! Question 1: Do they secretly scan your driving licence while you’re AFK, photoshop a picture of a slug on to where your gleaming thug-face should be, print it back out, carefully tape it over your actual licence all tidily so you can’t really tell if all…

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Ayy lmao

Only God Forgives Nicolas Winding Refn For Managing To Mess Up This Promising A Recipe

Take a sequence of visually arresting locations and some very pretty and interesting lighting setups, such as and and Bring to the boil and add in a generous helping of Kristin Scott Thomas as an alluring fuck-up of a mother and give her some very strongly flavoured lines that are all lewd and sweary. Season…

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A Proof Of Creation

I have had a stunning revelation this morning and am now a believer: Biting your own tongue while trying to eat a thing is fucking annoying and ridiculous That it can happen is a pretty strong argument against us being some form of clever design If anyone religious had ever bitten their own tongue they’d…

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47,838 morons

Like & Share If It’s Time For Eugenics

One Like = One Neutered Blingwad One Share = One Smart Person Given Reproduction License Keep Scrolling If You Hate Your Brain 47,838 Shares? Just Get It Over With And Shoot Me Now

Fun With Keywords – Jan 2013

Browsing the things people searched for in order to land on your own site is always a fun thing to do, especially if you really enjoy doing things that are boring as all hell. Sometimes, though, you discover some fun* things people found you under. Such As These 5 people came from “i’ll kill your…

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“My Two Son’s Every Night Night They Will Make A Wish For Danbo”

Running* a blog about Danbo, you don’t see much of interest – mostly weeaboos cooing over how cute they think Danbo is. But the other day, I received this via the contact form: Subject: Danbo the shineing star among this world My two son’s every night night they will make a wish for Danbo and…

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It’s Not Every Day A Music Icon Tells You You Just Don’t Get It

As such, I wanted to save this somewhere


Access Netflix USA Content Via Xbox 360 In The UK, You Say?

Turns out it’s not so hard! Follow these simple steps and before long you’ll be watching masses of crap US TV instead of masses of crap UK TV! Wahay! Have Netflix installed on your Xbox 360 as usual, fire up the 360 but don’t launch Netflix From the 360 dashboard, go: Settings System Settings Network…

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